“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” – Marcel Proust

. Masks, Southeast Center for Photography, USA (curated by Andrew Fedynak)
. VI Prémio Santiago Castelo, Museu de Cáceres, Spain
. Vento vai, vento vem, FotoRio, Brazil
. Vento vai, vento vem, Solar FotoFestival, Brazil
. Vento vai, vento vem, Festival Paraty em Foco, Brazil
. WOW, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. Urban 2021, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. Portraits without faces, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
. BBA Photography Prize, BBA Gallery, Kuhlhaus Berlin, Germany
. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia
. The poetry of ordinary, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, USA (curated by Douglas Beasley)
. The world in motion, Southeast Center for Photography, USA (curated by Michael Pannier)
. 4th Chania International Photo Festival, Greece
. Urban 2021, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. London Photo Festival, UK
. Feminine/ Masculine, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
. Spring Show 2020, The Curated Fridge (curated by Alexa Becker)
. 3rd Chania International Photo Festival, Greece
. Urban 2020, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. 2nd Chania International Photo Festival, Greece
. «Joy Bangla», Narrativas Fotográficas no Intendente, Portugal
. Urban 2019, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. Urban 2019, Monastero di Santa Maria in Valle, Italy

. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia
. Focus on the Story International Photo Festival, USA
. Chania International Photo Festival, Greece
. Flowing City, Trieste Photo Days, Italy
. Art On A Postcard, The Other Art Fair, Bristol, UK
. Memories, LoosenArt, Rome, Italy
. Urban 2018, Krakow, Poland
. Abandoned Places, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
. Reclaim Photography Festival, Birmingham, UK
. Spring Show, The Curated Fridge (curated by Jessica Roscio)
. Autumn Show, The Curated Fridge (curated by Brian Paul Clamp)
. Black/White, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, USA (curated by Elizabeth Avedon)
. Long Shot, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, USA
. Found & Lost, Float Gallery, Athens, Greece
. Uma imagem solidária, Museu das Comunicações, Lisboa, Portugal
. Uma imagem solidária, Mira Forum, Porto, Portugal
. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia
. London Photo Festival, UK
. Instantes bastantes (solo), Blacksheep Gallery, Lisboa
. Paratissima, Lisboa, Portugal
. Black & White, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece
. Snap to grid, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, USA
. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia
. 6 FotoArtFestival, Bielsko-Biała, Poland
. The Rights of Summer, Ripe Art Gallery, Huntington, NY, USA (curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel)
. Vislumbre (solo), Fundação PT, Lisboa
. Bridge Lounge Exhibition, London Photo Gallery, UK
. Portraits, MPLS Photo Center, Minneapolis, USA (juried by David Little)
. Black and White – The Living Tradition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
. ANPME | Shair, Porto, Portugal
. Kolga Tbilisi Photo, Georgia
. All Glitched Up – BP Loud Tate, Tate Britain, UK
. SCAN Tarragona, International Festival of Photography, Spain
. Moving Image, Pondicherry, India
. It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information, Franklin Street Works, USA
. Essência e memória, Galeria Desassossego, Lisboa, Portugal
. 4ª exposição Shair, Galeria Emergentes dst, Braga, Portugal
. 5ª exposição Shair, Galeria Emergentes dst, Braga, Portugal
. In your face, Ruffian Gallery, Australia
. Soul 2013, Macedonia
. Tie your colours, Ruffian Gallery, Australia
. Angkor Photo Festival, Siem Reap, Cambodia
. Now That’s What I Call Photography 30, Bristol, UK
. Diffusion Festival of Photography Publishing Fair, Cardiff, UK
. Art Takes Times Square, New York, USA
. Bienal de Fotografia de Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal
. Golpe de Vista (solo), R. Alecrim, Lisboa
. Bienal de Artes de Carcavelos, Portugal
. Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 3rd Annual Book Fair, USA
. Format Festival, Derby, UK
. Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 2nd Annual Book Fair, USA
. Photo + Art Book, Hamburg, Germany
. «Scattered Light», Art of This Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
. New York Photo Festival, New York, USA
. Reflexos (solo), Art Café, Lisboa
. Sombras (solo), Amadora
. Meio ambiente, Barreiro, Portugal
. Sócios da SNBA, Lisboa, Portugal
. Portugal e o Ambiente, Lisboa, Portugal
. Paisagem Alentejana, Évora, Portugal
. A árvore e a cidade, Lisboa, Portugal
. Pequeno formato SNBA, Lisboa, Portugal
. Expo-Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

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. Image and audio visual communication
. Arquitecture

Filipe Bianchi, Lisboa, 1964
Lives and works in Lisboa, Portugal.

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing prints, commissions, licensing imagery, exhibiting or just to say hi!