The island of Madura, in Indonesia, is home of a unique sport in Indonesia, called "Karapan Sapi" or bull races.
In the 13th century, a prince named Katandur wanted to use the power of the bulls to manufacture the land before it could be used as a rice field. As result, the barren land would become fertile through the use of the bulls' power. And at the harvest time, Katandur prince had the idea to hold bull race tournaments to bring respect to the bulls.
Since then Karapan Sapi is very popular in Madura.
The racing bulls are fully grown and ridden by young jockeys who stand on nothing but a stick.
Races are conducted over rather short courses. The length of the village race is 110 meters, district race is 120 meters, and residency races 130 meters. Each course is about 30 meters wide.
Each race therefore lasts only a few seconds, conducted in a series of elimination heats.
Race season is set from July through October with races in various regions of the island. The apotheosis of the tournaments are the finals, held in the town of Pamekasan, Madura's capital.
A three man Jury decides the winner on the basis of which teams' legs cross the finish line first. Races start around 10.00 am but already in the morning crowds gather along the street leading to the stadium. The bulls adorned with flowers ribbons, jeweled headdresses and yokes, parade through the streets of the town, shaded by brightly decorated parasols, accompanied by strolling drums and flute bands, each team followed by its groups of musicians, handlers and supporters.