The distance that separates Portugal from Bangladesh, an Asian country surrounded by India and Burma, can not be covered in a short time, even by airplane. This does not prevent the Intendente area in Lisbon from being the destination of a large number of people from that region. The low economic resources that characterize the majority of Bangladesh’s population are an incentive to seek here better living conditions, away from their homeland.

This vibrant community, with a strong nationalist sense, focuses its activity in this historic neighborhood, in search of a financial independence that can provide a more stable future, but never losing the connection to the other side of the world.

“Joy Bangla,” a common expression among Bangladeshis, a manifestation of patriotism, freedom and independence, is the starting point for my view of the Intendente, focused on this largely present male community.

This body of work started in the “Photographic Narratives in Intendente” workshop, conducted by Pauliana Valente Pimentel and promoted by Casa Independente.