In late October or early November, depending on the cycle of the moon, the calm and serene city of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India) comes alive as it hosts the largest camel and livestock fair – The Pushkar Mela – where around 50,000 camel are gathered. The city bursts with colors, sounds, where musicians, mystics, merchants, tourists, devotees, and animals come together for an amazing experience.

Apart from the trading of livestock, it is also an important pilgrimage season for Hindus to the Pushkar lake.
According to mythology, all the 330 gods and goddesses of Hinduism assembled at Pushkar Lake on the day of Purnima (full moon night) to consecrate the lake. This is why many pilgrims come to the Pushkar Lake for a holy bath to wash away their sins and pay their respects at the Brahma Mandir, the only one of its kind in India. Pushkar has also been mentioned in the Mahabharata, a 2000 years old epic, as one of the most ancient sacred sites in India.